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Jul 09

Virgil Texas' Good Time Internet Readery: Tropes vs. Women in the Work of Bendilin Spurr, Sonic The Hedgehog Fine Artist and Creator of "Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian" -


Anita Sarkeesian launched a Kickstarter to raise a few thousand dollars to fund a series of videos examining sexist tropes in video games. Gamers responded to the ludicrous assertion that a cultural commodity mass produced by a billion-dollar industry dominated by men could ever possibly embody…

Jul 04

Dion, the Socialist.: Full update: A young(?) black man was murdered by police in my neighborhood tonight. -


Note: This post was written based only on things I saw and heard at the scene of the crime on the night of the incident.

I live in the Beaties Ford neighborhood of Charlotte. It’s not a bad neighborhood. There’s never very much crime or anything going on, but it’s mainly lower-income minorities…

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Jun 28

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May 18


May 10

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Anonymous said: As someone who has talked about fat acceptance, what do you think about CBS golf writer Steve Elling describing an overweight fan at the Players Championship in his column today as "300 pounds of cottage cheese stuffed into a 200-pound sack"? His Twitter account at ellingyelling has seven more insults about how fat people are hilarious.

Oh, we’re super-hilarious. Haven’t you heard? Fat people are the funniest thing ever. Or we’re disgusting. We’re hilarigusting!

May 03

“Those who are saying the game is changing for the worse, well, they don’t have a father who can’t remember his name because of the game. I’m pretty sure if everybody had to wake with their dad not knowing his name, not knowing his kids’ name, not being able to function at a normal rate after football, they would understand that the game needs to change. If it doesn’t there are going to be more players, more great players, being affected by the things that we know of and aren’t changing. That’s not right.” —

-Junior Seau speaking with Jim Trotter in March on suggestions that the NFL was making the game “too soft” by enforcing player safety rules.

This is really chilling to read.

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May 01

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Apr 29

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